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Safari Windows

Izz's Safari Window frames have a double wall "V" channel, patterned after original style. Latches come with oval aluminum bases, making them much stronger than the earlier pot metal latches.

Safari Window Kit includes: Assembled frames, glass, rubber, latches, dash tabs, and brackets. Brackets require a small amount of welding.

Pre-Order Safari Window kits

Safari Window kits are labor intensive and costly to produce. As such, when stock runs out we must take pre-orders until completed sets are back in stock.

Safari Window Kit
(powder coated White)

Safari window kit complete with White powder coated frames.

our choice of Clear or original style Green Tinted glass .

(Safari Window kit - powder coated White) - $630.00 set

Pre-order Now

Safari Window Kit
(Hand polished stainless steel)

Safari window kit complete with polished stainless steel frames.

Your choice of Clear or original style Green Tinted glass

(Safari Window kit - Hand polished stainless steel) - $730.00 set
Pre-order Now

Pre-formed Safari Window Seals

Front window body seals.
Preformed rubber.

(Preformed Safari Window Rubber) $65.00 pair

Wiper Pivots

Wiper Pivots and One-Eyed Duck are high quality reproductions.

(Wiper Pivots) $75.00 pair

One-Eyed Duck

(One-Eyed Duck) $15.00 each

Windshield Glass

Clear or original style Green Tinted glass.

If you have a different frame we can cut to order.

(Replacement Winshield Glass) $60.00 each

Window Rubber

For glass inside frames.

Available for safari window glass
or pop-out window glass.

(Inner Safari Window glass to frame)
$6.00 each
(Inner Pop-out glass to frame) $6.00 each

Stainless Steel
Dash Tabs

(Dash Tabs) $40.00 set

Weld-on Tabs

(Weld-on Tabs) $60.00 set

Window Sliders

Stainless steel.

Set of 2, left and right.
Polished or non polished.

(Sliders polished) $40.00 pair
(Sliders non polished) $30.00 pair



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